Every vision first existed in the heart of God before it was released into a human heart. This is very true of Bethel Gospel Centre's (BGC's) vision. God's desire for all of humanity is to walk in perfect liberty, peace, love, and harmony with Him and with one another. The Lord released this vision into our hearts

to help people encounter the transforming love of Jesus Christ and to spread their stories to support others.

When people experience true love, they will be empowered to live with the consciousness of God's eternal plans and values on a daily basis. Love propels an encounter. 

This vision is a journey. A journey into the reality of God's love and calling. On the one hand, the vision excites us to walk and work with God. On the other hand, it confronts us with enormous challenges. We have walked through different stages since over a year period when we began to sense this new direction God was leading us. We had our doubts and fears initially. But we overcame them. We have had to discern this path as what is meant for us at this time. We are now in a stage of hope and trust. This hope banks upon God's promises that He will build His church (Matt. 16:18). Our trust also rests upon God's words, that He is "watching over His word to perform it" (Jer. 1:12). God is ever committed to His church and our role is to follow as His agents.

Being convinced of God's instructions, we've stepped out in faith and obedience. We have continued to share this vision boldly and passionately, but also humbly with different people the Lord has brought our way. The first step is forming a team, a Dream and Launch Team (DLT), with whom the vision of launching strong will be actualised. The team is growing. Every team member is working towards what the Lord may help them contribute to this vision. As we continue to reflect upon what the Lord is set to do through us, we have started engaging our immediate Craigieburn community as this is key to our strategy. We are nearly half the number we anticipate for our team.

Irrespective of background and social status, everyone needs to encounter God's transforming love and to spread their story to help other people in their own lives. BGC wants to support people to the point that a personal encounter is possible. Think about this for a moment:

  • Would it make any difference if everyone in your neighbourhood were to experience true and compassionate love of God today?
  • Would it make a difference if every family became an arena where children are raised with a consciousness of self-less living and care for others?
  • Would it add any value to our existence, if our schools and other social institutions became training grounds for upholding our collective, edifying values of humanity?

Answers to these questions testify to why BGC exists. Our vision is beyond us. We need other people to bring it to reality. Let me highlight a few things you may want to do to support this vision.

1.     You can pray for us and our needs.

2.     You may contact us for more information about our progress and activities.

3.     You may also give towards this vision.

4.     You may want to help with Dream and Launch Team to get us started.

To contact us, you may call 0456629501 or 0383518723 or email You can get in touch through our website as well. We will be pleased to hear from you. In the next blog, I will be highlighting how we plan to carry out our mission. God bless!

(Pastor) Titus S. Olorunnisola 

Lead Pastor, BGC.