“You are witnesses of these things.” (Luke 24:48)

Happy Easter celebration! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the point of departure between Christian faith and other world religions. After his bodily resurrection, Jesus reminded his disciples that they have been appointed “witnesses of these things.”  "These things" refer to at least three ideas. First, the person of Jesus as the Christ. Jesus is the Messiah, the appointed and the anointed of God who came to take the sins of the world. Second, his transforming message of the Kingdom of God. Third, he died and was buried, and he rose again on the third day and that forgiveness must be preached in His name. No wonder that the only message the earliest ‘communities of Jesus’ had was that Jesus was the Christ, and the crucified Lord.

A witness is conversant with a story. These disciples had earlier followed Jesus Christ for a space of three and a half years. They learned a new way of life. Jesus invested into them not as spectators but participators in His mission on earth.

The story of the Cross is normative for us today. What Jesus told his disciples he is still saying today: “You are witnesses of these things.” We are called to follow the resurrected Lord by living out his life, his message, and the difference he can make in people’s lives.

One of the profound ways Jesus identified his initial followers was a community of testifiers to a new order of the Kingdom of God. We can witness to Christ through our lifestyle, compassionate help/support for others, intentionally following the steps of Jesus to enable others discover Christ through us (1 Cor. 11:1), and by loving others freely.

ACTION: Are you a true witness for Christ? Take a personal decision today to allow the life of Christ Jesus reflect in you.


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