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We are starting another series on God's kingdom as an invitation to entire humanity.

Jesus began His ministry by announcing the arrival of God's glorious kingdom. This is the one invitation of all time, clearly issued with good intention, conditions and purpose. Today, we are focusing on Jesus' announcement of the arrival of God's kingdom.

The hearers of Jesus' message were familiar with an idea of God's future kingdom spoken about in the Old Testament (Isa. 9:6-7; 24:23; 32:1; Ez. 34:24; Jer. 30:9). It was not a mistake that Jesus began His ministry by this proclamation.

The kingdom of God is least a geographical location. It is a realm of God's power and dominion. We may conceive it as well as a domain or sphere where humans submit themselves to God's rule as their king. This announcement has two components: arrival of the kingdom and conditions for entering into it. One thing that is clear is the urgency with which Jesus proclaimed His message. Human beings have roles to play in deciding whether to come under God's leadership or not. In coming under this rule of God, the condition is to turn away in opposite direction of one's sins and to believe in the good news that Jesus brings.

This invitation is equally valid for us today. As in the time of old Jesus invites you today to come under God's reign beginning with turning away from self, sin, and Satan. He invites you to believe in God's gracious offer of salvation. It can be yours today!

ACTION: Are you in God's kingdom? If yes, keep on believing the good news. If not, you can enter this reign today by recognising Jesus as the bearer of good news. Ask for forgiveness of your sins and follow Him daily.

This devotion is a gift of God to you through Bethel Gospel Centre. It will come to you every Tuesday morning. You may share it to allow it benefit others. Have a profitable day.#bethelgospelcentre,blog#unshakablekingdom #tuesdaymeditation