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The kingdom of God is not something removed from or remotely connected to those who believe in the message and mission of Jesus. They are the carriers of the kingdom. The kingdom of God is within them (Lk 17:20-21).

Your calling to belong to God's kingdom is not a mere invitation to separate yourself from worldliness but to carry the kingdom to wherever you're placed, and to establish it there.


Our text today focuses on Jesus' last wish or command following His resurrection. Please note that this command goes beyond preaching the good news of God's kingdom. In fact, it is about enacting the kingdom of God over the whole creation.


Enacting the kingdom of God over all of creation requires two things: faithfulness to the words of Jesus and engaging in deeds that complement our words. For example, as a citizen of the kingdom, when you speak against the evil political machinations that subtly ensnare people and take take away their liberty of conscience, when you engage in social justice moves to recognise the humanity of others and you declare the matchless love of God to others, you're enacting the kingdom of God on earth.

However, kingdom citizens are often slothful in fulfilling this command today. One known reason is unbelief. That is why Jesus rebuked his disciples "for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe" (Mk 16:14) before telling them to go and establish the kingdom everywhere.


ACTION: Unbelief has no good than to discredit the truth. Get rid of unbelief. Rise up in the arms of faith and begin to establish God's kingdom in your own corner.

Blessed are you for enacting the kingdom of God as you step out!


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